Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gently Used American Girl Dolls for Sale

These are the girls I have that are looking for new homes: Kirsten, Just Like You, Samantha, Josephina, Rebecca, & Molly.

All the girls are in good, clean condition, currently fostering in a non-smoking home. Because they are used, the appendages, inc. heads are slightly loose, but still snug enough for happy play time. With the exception of Rebecca and Molly, none of them have any permanent marks.  Rebecca has a small ( pin-head size) ink spot on her cheek, and Molly's body is discolored.  All the girls except for Rebecca are by the Pleasant Company and are therefore considered retired editions. Rebecca is by the American Girl  / Mattel Company.

The dolls are sent au-natural, or for $10.00 more, in an outfit of my choice.   Samantha - no longer available at AG is $125.00 / $135.00, Molly and Rebecca, because of the discolored body and cheek mark are $70.00 / $80.00.  Kirsten, Just Like You, and Josephina are $80.00/$90.00
Packing and shipping charge is $15.00.

If you are interested in any of these girls, let me know and I can post more detailed photos if you wish. Please feel free to ask any questions or email me directly -


Debbie said...

Did all of these sell already? Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

i would really like rebecca how much do you want for her would you accept 50?

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry but I am poor and I only have only 8$.can I buy an ag doll for that much money?

Anonymous said...

is there any way Rebecca could be cheaper? shes my dream doll

Anonymous said...

Chould I have Kirsten for 35?
She is my dream doll!


Anonymous said...

it is my dream to have kirsten too i just wish i could i was going to get her but when we went she RETIRED i was upset

agformom B said...

I'm not sure how old this post are, but I'm interested in the doll please email me at let me know which one you have left and pictures of which one you have. Thanks

tanzel Currie said...

I really want to get Rebecca I just started collecting my email address is